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“Where I am in photography now, I owe it to Julia for being such a awesome mentor and teacher.”

“Julia is a true professional in her approach to photography.“

“Taking Julia’s workshop was the best thing I ever did: her natural teaching style gave me the confidence I needed.”

“I’ve learned that to become the best, you learn from the best, so I sought out Julia.”

“I believe Julia is one the best fine art photographers in the world. I fell in love with her work as soon as I discovered it.”

“Julia’s work is only surpassed by her gentle spirit and kindness as an instructor. “

“Learning from Julia is not just intensive and packed with valuable information, it is also fun and exciting.”

“Julia's goal is to see each one of her students excel in both technical and creative aspects.“

Julia is a true inspiration, a great photographer and I don't think I would be able to learn from anyone else so quickly. “

“I highly recommend Julia's workshops to anyone wanting to take their work to a level that they may have never thought possible. “

“I will forever be indebted to Julia, studying with her has truly been both an honor and a transformation for myself and my profession.”

“She changed the way I see, the way I approach a subject, the way I react to light, and the way I process my images. “

“The phrase “Highly Recommended” is just an understatement to describe the usefulness of Julia's workshops. 

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Workshop Description

- Workshops with Julia Anna Gospodarou - 

"After attending the (en)Visionography workshop in Paris together with a very nice international group of photographers, I have the feeling that something has changed deep inside me, as for my photography approach and especially regarding B&W architecture photography.

How did that happen?… I think I was missing something before.

My first contact with Julia’s work was while searching the net for more information on long exposure photography and when finding the excellent book of Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar „From Basics to Fine Art“. The book gave me instantly the feeling to have found the right and missing thing. Reading the book with the very detailed description of Julia’s work and vision gave me the motivation to force my personal style and go in a deeper examination for the interpretation of light and shadow to use that for my work in the future. But only reading the book was too theoretical for me and I was very happy after I get the confirmation to participate at the workshop.

Participating in the workshop was the best decision I have made in the last time for my photography progress and I also have learned that nothing should limit myself in creating my personal style... And I also learned a lot of necessary work in post procession. 

The very well prepared workshop was comprised of a theoretical and a practical part. We learned in a very relaxed atmosphere in the morning lessons about (en)Visionography, finding our personal style, photography drawing, negative space, light and shadow and the interaction with the geometrical surfaces and a lot of other important things. Then at the shooting sessions in the city of Paris in the very interesting chosen locations, we had also a lot of fun and we tried to apply the things we have heard about in the theoretical part.

But becoming a master is not something that is falling from sky and I think this was the first step and the next will follow. It was great workshop and I can undoubtedly recommend Julia’s workshops to everyone who wants to go deeper into B&W Architecture photography and create their own vision".

- Dietmar van der Linden - Stuttgart, Germany - Fine Art Photographer www.vdl-photography.com

"Shortly after I developed an interest in photography I discovered Julia Anna’s work and was immediately captivated. This was like nothing I had seen up to that point (in fact I hadn’t even imagined work like this was possible) and I followed her work with keen interest thereafter, whilst also attempting to expand my own B&W processing skills.

When the opportunity to take a workshop in New York came about I didn’t hesitate, and booked a place. I wanted to hear firsthand the thinking behind her work and processing methods. I feel this is essential to learn - reading is all very well but there no substitute to hearing the words of a master practitioner in order to truly understand the emotion and rationale behind their words and to gain a deeper understanding into their creative process.

I feel that the format of the workshop is unique, with the correct emphasis put initially on theory and finally following up with practical sessions. Each day we met in class and then we would go out shooting in the afternoon. New York has many fantastic locations to offer for those interested in architecture and cityscapes. I’m certain that this workshop will be an important milestone for me on my path in photography and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to join it. The other students were extremely friendly and that made it all the most enjoyable.

Thanks very much to Julia for sharing your passion, and for making a workshop like this possible."

- Dermot Russell – Dublin, Ireland – Fine Art Architecture & Landscape Photographer   dermotrussell.com

“I’ve had a love of architectural photography since I was a young adult in the ’80’s shooting with a film SLR. I used to take photos of buildings and structures using slide and B&W film. Eventually I gave up trying to capture architecture for more than 20 years. I could never get the look I wanted from the darkroom or color processing houses I used back then.

I had wanted to attend one of Julia Anna’s workshops for a couple of years and finally had the opportunity in 2016 when she announced her NYC workshop. Because I admire her work so much, my expectations were literally sky high for the workshop. Well not only did Julia Anna exceed what I thought she would offer, but she did so with an enthusiasm and energy for sharing her knowledge I wasn’t expecting. From the pre-workshop communications thru the group dinner on the final day, she was always happy to share and impart more and more of her knowledge. Not just knowledge of architectural photography and it’s post processing methods, but also shared many of the influences that contributed to her unique vision.

If you have the opportunity and are interested in experiencing more than just another photography workshop, you should make plans to attend one of Julia Anna’s workshops. However be forewarned, you may have to compete for space getting into her workshops. Especially since I plan to attend as many future offerings as I can.”

- Anthony Beverley - Washington DC - https://www.flickr.com/photos/stuffshack/

"After reading the book “From Basics to Fine Art” written by Julia in collaboration with Joel Tjintjelaar and discovering Julia´s work I was deeply moved and triggered to start learning photography by myself. At some point I found out that there was something missing in my learning. I could find all relevant information about technique and composition in books, videos tutorials, etc, and her book and tutorials on her website delivered a lot of answers already, but there was still something unanswered to me: Why do I want to do fine art photography? What do I want to transmit? Can I do this?  

The answers to these questions lie of course only within myself, but doing the private mentorship with Julia helped me a lot in understanding what is motivating me in doing fine art photography in a six months introspective journey. And not only that: During this time, I learned to see photography with different eyes, appreciating the aesthetic elements of photography, and also understanding what separates a good photograph from a great photograph.Julia has a very well developed and structured program that will lead you from the basics of photography through the history of photography and it´s great contributors towards what she calls (en)Visionography, that is for me the deeper understanding of today´s photography.

She is very disciplined in her teaching and also very patient and enthusiastic. She is able to inject you with her enthusiasm and motivate you to doing some very interesting assignments during the mentorship and to follow your own path after it.

I will never forget the experience I made during this program."

Oscar Lopez – Hamburg, Germany – Fine Art Architectural Photographer 


"I am an absolute beginner to this type of photography - i.e., not experienced with long exposure, tilt shift lens, or B&W post processing techniques. I'm so glad I attended the workshop! My learning experience advanced my skills exponentially. I am a beginner, but I have artistic vision and desire. I was unsure how to express it. When I found the (en)Visionography techniques, I knew this was a process I wanted to learn and apply to my work.

Julia Anna's workshop was amazing!! She is so gracious with her knowledge, and punctuated "big picture" concepts with the little details that enhanced my ability to capture images and produce them into fine art! In addition, she encouraged me to dig deep within myself to start to actualize my own vision for my photography. I now have a process for evaluating a given scene or subject, and captuaring the image so that I can extract from the capture my vision of it. I learned the techniques for capturing long exposure subjects -- something that requires a methodology, patience and repitition. Finally, I've been exposed to processing techniques that I was simply unaware of -- and provided tools that will enabe me to apply the techniques/workflow to my images. I liked the sense of community that Julia Anna built among us and how we all learned "tips and tricks" from one another as well. This was such a nurturing learning experience. The (en)Visionography workshop is a must-do for the serious fine art photographer."

- Delores Thompson – Dallas, Texas – dee.thompson.photoart.com

“I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your workshop in New York City. Not only did you share your technique and your thoughts about long exposure photography but you delved into what it means to create art. I was very happy to find that you were so approachable and easy to talk to. The format of the workshop was fast paced but at the same time fun and enjoyable. I liked that you were with us the whole time. I've been on workshops where the instructors give you a lecture and then tell you to go shoot for a few hours. I liked being able to ask you questions in the field as we were shooting. The photos that people are most impressed with are the ones I learned to make in your workshop. It really was a fun experience and I hope to do it again in another city.

I would highly recommend Julia's workshop to anyone who's serious in photography. Either you are a hobbyist or a professional looking to get to the next level Julia's workshop was fantastic. She really spent a lot of time sharing her time and her knowledge and really put a tremendous effort into making sure everybody had a great time and learned a lot.”

- John Scala – New York, USA – Fine Art Photographer www.instagram.com/jscalaj/

“I have known Julia for several years and consider her to be one of the most talented fine art photographers in the world, all confirmed by her incredible resume of international achievements. Her artistic style is unique, creative and stunningly beautiful. She is truly a master fine art photographer.

I have had the opportunity to learn from Julia and to shoot with her on several occasions. It was immediately evident to me that she is unbelievably passionate about her work, which you would expect, but that she was equally passionate about my work. Through her workshops and mentoring programs, Julia has been an integral part of my growth as a fine art photographer. Her teaching style in all-encompassing - from how to think in terms of artistic vision, how to approach a subject, how the volumes and forms of that subject can be used in a final fine art image, and how to apply varying techniques to process the base photograph. She does not force her style on her students, but rather explains in detail what she sees and what is interesting to her. As a student, this style allows you to incorporate her way of thinking through the creative process into creating your your own unique images and finding your unique style. Simply put, Julia gives you the skills to grow as a fine art photographer and she takes great joy in seeing her students grow as artists.

Learning from Julia is not just intensive and packed with valuable information, it is also fun and exciting. You have a great time with her. 

She is very kind and is considerate of your style and skill level. It is so easy to feel comfortable with her. Her interest in your work is sincere and very apparent the moment you meet her. Very few fine art photographers of her amazing talent offer to teach students so completely.

I highly recommend Julia's workshops and mentoring programs to anyone with the desire to take their work to a level that they may have never thought possible. Julia delivers. She delivered for me, and my time learning with her is perhaps the best investment I have made in my growth as a fine art photographer.”

- Mabry Campbell – Houston, Texas – USA - Commercial Architecture Photography & Fine Art Photographer http://mabrycampbell.com/

“I believe Julia is one the best fine art photographers in the world. I fell in love with her work as soon as I discovered it many months ago. My appreciation for it only deepens with every new photograph she shares. She is tremendously talented and shows a very unique vision that allows her to keep reinventing herself and the world through her photography. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve for an artist but she excels in it. Apart from the obvious estheticism and incredible atmospheres she creates, the most interesting aspect of her work to me is her skills of using light to create volumes and presence. I am convinced her being an architect is no stranger to that, and she behaves just like a sketch artist or a painter by using a photograph as a canvas. This explains why one always marvels at her natural sense of beauty, composition and lighting. It is not a surprise she was praised and awarded by the best fine art magazines, photographers and international competitions in the world. And they will keep coming.

I consider myself lucky because I actually met her in person during one of the workshops she organized in the US. Not only she is passionate about her photography, the nicest person and a lot of fun to shoot with, it is obvious she really enjoys interacting with and mentoring other photographers. She is sincerely interested in your work and in helping you define your own style in order to help you grow as an independent fine art photographer, without trying to push you one way or another. She does not hesitate to share her thoughts and vision about art, what makes an artist, and how to become one. She explains in details how to approach a subject, what she thinks makes a picture or specific composition interesting, and how to create presence. On the technical side, she is also more than happy to show pictures before and after processing, and share valuable information about post-processing techniques.

In a word, this was an incredible experience and probably the best investment in my career as a fine art photographer. I could never have learned so much without meeting her in person and would do it again in a heartbeat. Her workshops and other mentoring programs are designed to make you grow as an independent fine art photographer and I highly recommend them for artists looking for a boost in their career.”

- Thibault Roland, Boston - USA - Fine Art Architectural & Landscape Photographer (Thibault has attended the Chicago Fine Art Architectural Workshop) If you want to know more about Thibault and his work, visit his website http://www.thibaultroland.com/

"I first came across Julia Anna's amazing work back in Sept 2012 on Google+ and it was during that time I just started photography. Coming from an architecture and art background, I have always been interested in architectural photography. When I found her work in 2012 I was blown away by such amazing architectural photography, something new that open my perception in BW Fine Art photography, I never knew art and architecture can be combined to create such beautiful architectural photographs. Following her work for the past year is one thing, and I told myself I had to meet her one day. So the day came when she visited San Francisco and I had the opportunity to meet and learned from her in person. The 2nd time I met her was during the recent Chicago Fine Art Architectural workshop in Aug 2013.

During both times, I have learned so much from Julia, not only is she a wonderful and generous person, she goes all out to teach you and making sure you learn and gain as much, anything and everything about BW Fine Art photography. She is very encouraging, always willing to share her knowledge, her vision and she would guide you to follow your personal vision. Where I am in photography now, I have to say I owe it to her for being such a awesome mentor and teacher, always giving me support and encouragement along the way. I highly recommend her workshop to everyone. You will not only excel in BW Fine Art photography, you will gain a good friend in Julia. "

- Swee Oh, San Francisco, California - USA - Fine Art  Photographer  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SweeOh

"Searching through the internet and looking for inspiration for my photography work, I came across Julia’s work. There was something that resonated with me and was drawn to her work and found her mentorship program through her website. From my initial contact with her and through the mentorship program she has had a tremendous impact in my work and gave me a different perspective to photography in it being a work of art.

Julia is so knowledgeable and willing to share what she knows and i found that captivating. I liked how each program is tailor made for each student and thoroughness in assessing where one’s skill level and limitations. During the mentorship she would explain everything as many times as I need to understand. Julia inspired me to take a second, third look, and evaluate my subjects with a whole new perspective ask myself lots of questions before capturing the image, thus sparking a new creativity and approach in my work. There were times where i found the work challenging especially in Photoshop because i had never used it but with her encouragement and patience i came out better. My take away on Photoshop from her was: know the tools you use and need and know them well that’s a very small percentage of what one can do with Photoshop.

I have read a number of books on photography but Julia's mentorship program is the best thing that i ever did for my photography and I stand proud to have been transformed and impacted in such a positive way.

When I look at my images gracing my walls i feel so satisfied and fullfilled and i know in the future my work will be an inspiration to other people because it’s a representation of my vision and personal style. There is absolutely no doubt that Julia knows her stuff and that I would recommend her mentorship to others. You will not regret it but actually it will be one of the best thing to do for your own photography, join the mentorship program."

Garikai Rambire - Maputo - Zimbabwe - Fine Art & Portrait Photographer  http://www.grambirephotography.com/

“I came across Julia her work when ordering the e-book "From Basics To Fine Art - Black and White Photography". When reading the e-book i was impressed about the approach and how Julia and Joël share their knowledge. The way about explaining things in depth has triggered me to learn more about their work and methods. When i heard about the 3 day workshop in Amsterdam 2016 there was one spot left and after contacting Julia I could participate. The pre-planning and information is detailed and prepared very well. Every day we started with a theoretical session for a few hours. After the sessions we went out shooting. We did several things in and around Amsterdam from architecture of buildings and bridges to classical shots of the canals. During the post part of the workshop we had several mail contacts for questions and a video chat about processing and more.

Her explanations, answers and advice are clear and extensive. Julia is a fine teacher with a great vision and a lot of knowledge. I learned about vision, light, shapes, post processing and more. Also how to approach things in a other way than i was used to. These things will help me to develop myself more. The tools she reached me are valuable and complementary in the complete process from taking the image to the final image. I can for sure recommend a workshop with Julia to anyone who wants to learn and develop in Fine Art Photography”

- Andre Struik - The Netherlands -  Fine Art Photographer http://www.andrestruik.com/

"Photography has always been a passion of mine. A few years into my journey I found that I had an affinity to black and white. But soon after, I lost my my drive. I started to see limitations in expressing my vision which when I came across Julia's work. Not only she's truly talented but I truly related to her work, her vision and expression. She's very passionate about her work and working with her has opened my eyes and made me see things from a completely new perspective.

I did a 6-months mentoring program with Julia and I am still amazed at the work I was able to create while working with her. Each stage of our working is carefully planned and executed to contribute and further my vision and creativity. Julia has inspired me to create original work each and every time and I continue to push myself in order to find my own identity as a photographer. She's a true inspiration, an artist, a great photographer and I don't think I would be able to learn from anyone else so quickly. To be able to learn from someone who is so willing to teach every aspect of photography so selflessly. 

All I can say is that "Thank you very much" for believing in me at this pivotal time of my journey."

- Pamela Aminou - London - UK - Fine Art Architectural Photographer  https://longexposureimages.wordpress.com/

"Meeting Julia Anna Gospodarou has been a decisive step on my short photographic way. As a beginner it puts me in the next level. With Julia Anna, I learnt techniques of course: in post processing and shooting long exposures, and I'm still using the complete materials she gives to prepare the workshop. But, what I got is more of that.

With her natural way of teaching on a conversation mode, with her open mindedness, empathy and kindness I gently entered into her vision to finally begin to find mine. As we all know, Julia is a gifted and meticulous artist. It is amazing to see how easily she shares her knowledge. My very bad part was post processing and she took time to decorticate her images and explain her method step by step. Not so much are generous and humble enough to do that. And tricks are always given with a smile and a good word.

With Julia, equipment and software are taken for what they are: tools to give birth to our vision. Not less, not more. And she teaches how to use them at there best, not to show off.

Going through her city to shoot buildings she knows as a photographer and an architect as well is, of course, a fantastic journey. During this trip we talked about pictures, lines, exposure, time, security guards, lenses,philosophy, tripods, laptops, music, life, clouds, angles, traffic jam, shadows, us, but, most of all, we can also stay silent if it needs. Nothing to prove with Julia, just improve. Julia is cool and smart. I still feel the benefits of this workshop that I take for a kind of personal development experience as well. My interest for art in general increased and new projects and envies are coming back in me.

One moving instant that I keep in mind is the moment she told me how to close the eyes to see more clearly the light on post processing files. Yes, with her kind support I discovered that sweetness should actually be my key to enter darkness."

- Stéphanie Renon - Paris, France - Fine Art Photographer  https://www.flickr.com/photos/125605407@N05/

"I have been taking photos for over 30 years as a hobby, first with film, now with digital. Over that period, I have taken many in-person and on-line courses.  

Julia Anna’s Intro to Black and White Fine Art Photography is far and away the best I have taken.  Her assignments are challenging, stretching, rewarding.  She enabled me to understand that the camera is a tool that I can — and should — control to express myself, rather than to leave the results to chance, good luck, or heavy post processing.  

The photograph as taken, she instructed, is merely one step in a deep process of introspection, reflection, honest critique of one’s own work, and never settling for “good enough.” She explains that the experience begins with the creative urge for self expression, then intense self reflection to determine how best to incorporate that urge in a vision, and finally the specific steps to enhance the image to express the vision.  She is patient, supportive, demanding, inspiring, visionary and responsive.  

I feel privileged to have worked with her and hope to do so again.  If she’ll let me."

- Matt Quinn - USA - Fine Art Photographer

"As a full-time architectural photographer, this was the first time that I ever had the chance to be in the presence of and learn from someone that is an inspiration. It is a powerful incident in its own right and with that yields a certain phenomenon that is hard to describe but, to put it simply, it enabled me to discover a side of my photography that I knew was there, it just hadn't been realized yet. By taking it seriously, carefully listening and making notes, and dissecting every piece of information, the amount of knowledge that can be absorbed is astounding.

The intellect that Julia puts forth was way beyond my calculations. She covers the entire spectrum and delves even deeper in relation to the fine art of photography. Completing this workshop left me feeling as if I had more to contribute, like I had entered a new chapter in my career. It gave me a new outlook on what I was capable of and that is nothing if not refreshing. Those feelings and realizations are exactly what I had hoped to receive by studying under Julia. I will forever be indebted to her, it as truly been both an honor and a transformation for myself and my profession."

- Tim Furlong Jr. - Louisville, KY, USA -  Professional Architectural Photographer 


"As a photographer I try to learn something new every day. Sometimes we need help to advance further. That was my case in black and white photography. I think I could create some good color images but failed always in black and white.

To progress in B&W photography I have had the help of Julia Anna Gospodarou during four weeks in a web-based “Introduction to B&W Fine Art Course” including 2 hours of video discussion. During that time I have progressed much more than in one year. I have had 4 assignments and in each one I had the feedback from Julia that I used in the following one.

She provides all the relevant material to study, gives you practical assignments, explains very clearly what you can do to improve your image, describes how to initiate a creative process and to find a unique style. The final images were much better than the first one and I know how to continue my path. Therefore, I recommend Julia’s workshops!"

- Jose Paulo Andrade - Porto, Portugal - Fine Art Photographer, Medical Doctor 

"I’m new to (en)Visionography but from the moment I encountered Julia Anna Gospodarou (through a short, online photography course) I’ve been absorbed. Partly it’s because of the exciting and energising style of her photographic work; partly it’s her ideas and vision – her Photography Drawing Technique and (en)Visionography are electrifying and innovative – they’ve opened a door for me into an stimulating and amazingly creative photographic world; but mostly it’s because of Julia herself – her energy; her infectious passion and excitement; her inspiration; her undoubted commitment to sharing and teaching; her intellectual generosity; her willingness and enthusiasm to encourage others, me amongst them.

Ten weeks after the online course I’m still bubbling with excitement and adrenaline and looking forward to the next learning-opportunity with her.  Thank you Julia"

- Paddy Dawson - Leeds - UK -  Fine Art Photographer

“Looking on the DxO website searching for information for improving my black and white processing, I found the photography universe of Julia Anna. It was love at first sight. It was a revelation that made me sign up very quickly for a private workshop that took place in Athens this September. Julia Anna is just as professional in her teaching as she is in creating her images. Her explanations and advice are clear and she is expressing herself just as well in English as in French, which I appreciated very much and was very useful. The workshop was completed by a 2-week online assistance followed by a live video session consisting in feedback for my workshop work.

I recommend Julia Anna's courses to everyone wanting to discover fine art and acquire solid bases in creating fine art photography. “ 

"A la recherche d'informations sur le site DxO pour parfaire mes connaissances de post traitement d'images "noir et blanc" j'ai découvert par hasard l'univers de Julia Anna. Le coup de foudre a été immédiat!! Une sorte de révélation qui s'est traduite rapidement par l'inscription à un workshop privé sur 2 jours à Athènes en septembre dernier. Julia Anna est aussi pro en création d'images que sur le plan pédagogique. Ses conseils sont clairs et elle s'exprime aussi bien en Anglais qu'en Français, ce qui est vraiment appréciable en ce qui me concerne. Sa formation se complète par un suivi personnalisé sur 2 semaines en vidéo conférence.

Je recommande l'enseignement de Julia Anna pour quiquonque souhaite découvrir et acquérir des bases solides pour progresser en Fine Art."

- Dolia Prunier - Ile de la Réunion - Fine Art Photographer - Architecture, Events, Fashion http://www.doliafoto.com/

"I first came across Julia's amazing work on social media end of 2013. Signing up on her blog and following her I was completely impressed of how photography can be combined with art. I myself do not come from an artistic background but I literally fell in love with her exceptional Fine Art Architecture.

I decided to contact Julia for more information about her mentoring courses. My first impression was to speak to a highly professional, passionate but in the same time very humble person and my first impression has been confirmed throughout the whole mentoring period with her. She is an exceptional kind and easy going person, and you feel very comfortable from the very first beginning. During my mentoring course we covered so many subjects e.g. artistic approach, composition, photography drawing, developing your own vision and many others. In my personal case my main aim was to develop my own style to learn what vision means and become not only a better photographer but to understand what it means to create an image and gain more self-confidence. Julia completely excelled in all my expectations. She dedicates herself in an unbelievable selfless way to her students and is always willing to share her knowledge to make sure you gain as much as possible about BW Fine Art photography, which in my opinion is a very rare characteristic.

One of the things I appreciated most is that she guides you to develop your own vision, she pushes you to be creative in your own style, she does not leave any of your questions open. She encourages you always and never misses out to appreciate your work and progress. All this respecting your own path and learning curve during the whole teaching process. Her way of teaching combining theoretical and practical assignments makes it easy for every photographer to translate the theory into practice immediately and to retain the information.

Her teaching style is natural, kind and respectful. Meeting her personally during my practical workshop in Athens was a highlight. We had so much fun, shooting together. I learned so much about LE and Architecture photography as well as new post processing styles. She keeps all her teaching and explanations in such a clear way, so that even not coming from an artistic background you will have no difficulties to understand.To top it all off, she has an amazing psychological ability to completely understand the needs of her students. During my mentoring period, she took me on a journey to a different dimension. Expressing my feelings about the mentoring ship with Julia in words is not doing justice at all to all the wonderful things I experienced and learned during my time with her, it has to be lived.

In my opinion she is one of the best Fine Art Photographers to learn from under a professional and human point of view. In my personal growth as a photographer it was the best investment I could have ever done and I would like to express heartfelt thanks for all her support and teaching experience. I am sure I will see her again in 2015 :)"

- Kerstin Arnemann - Germany & Malta - Fine Art Photographer  http://www.kerstinarnemann.com/

"I’m a professional fine art photographer. I show and sell my work at art shows in the Chicago area. I have been following Julia Anna’s work for quite some time. When the opportunity to work with her came, I jumped at it.

Spending three days with her was a revelation. She changed the way I see, the way I approach a subject, the way I react to light, and the way I process my images. Her teaching style is approachable and informal and she is extremely generous with her knowledge and insight. The thing I liked the most is that she never tried to impose her style on me. What she wants is for me to further develop my own vision by taking the ideas and techniques she teaches and finding a way to make them serve my own work. Her project based approach to working reinforces her insistence on individual voice and vision.

Everything she teaches revolved around my inner experience while making a photograph. Our workshop was in Chicago, where I live. We visited locations I have shot dozens of times and I came away from our time together with fresh, new photographs. She met all of my expectations and more. I can’t recommend her highly enough, even for a professional like me. If you’re thinking about taking her workshop, just do it. You’ll be glad you did."

- Jim Welninski - Chicago, IL - USA - Professional Fine Art Photographer  http://www.alteredspacephoto.com/

"After purchasing Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar's e-book  From Basics To Fine Art – Black and White  PhotographyI knew this is the style I want to focus on and excel at. I truly admire the work of both authors.

I had the privilege to to be part of Julia’s 2015 Chicago workshop, she was extremely thorough and detailed from pre-planning to post. She works with each of us to develop our individual styles and guided us to the next level in our photography journey. She pushes you to understand your vision and helps you express that in your work. She genuinely wants to push you to be a better artist.

She held a one-on-one video conference for the post-workshop; she provided very constructive feedback on my images. I found this experience truly invaluable, you will develop a better sense and eye for architectural photography. Thank you Julia, you truly delivered!"

- Rachel Wei - Vancouver - Canada - Fine Art Photographer  https://500px.com/rachelwei

"As a photographer, my biggest push this year was to both strengthen compositions in my work and learn the finer details of long exposure fine art photography. I've learned that to become the best, you learn from the best, so I sought out Julia for some help. I zeroed in on her because of her background in architecture, classical drawing, and stunning ways of seeing the world. I've enjoyed our time immensely and I'm happy to say she has become more than a trusted mentor but a friend. What I think Julia offers best for others is her ability to draw on classical art and apply it to photography, as well as a great ability to tailor what each student needs in their evolution. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does should be noted for anyone wanting to really take their work to a new level. We've only worked together for six or so months, a short period of time to have grown so much in my own work. I can't recommend her enough to help you grow as a photographer."

- Kris Vockler - Portland, Oregon - USA - Fine Art Photographer, Engineer, Business Woman  http://www.krisvockler.com/

"I have been a student at the Prague School of Photography in Austria for 2 years. I wanted to perfect my hobby, photography, so at the same time started to research this topic more and more on the Internet. By chance, I came across the e-book "From Basics to Fine Art" and for the first time discovered Julia Anna's fascinating photographs, which are true works of art. I was hooked straight away and wanted to learn more about this technique. The e-book gave me lots of valuable new insights and I was fascinated by the philosophy and description of the Photography Drawing™ method. I was also pleasantly surprised and impressed, of course, by the openness with which Julia Anna and Joel explain this in the e-book and share their valuable knowledge. I focused increasingly on long exposure and black and white photography. I was determined to learn the technique of Photography Drawing™ myself.

So when the workshop by Julia Anna in Athens in November 2014 was announced, I registered immediately. On receiving the initial information about this workshop, I was already excited and convinced I had made the right choice. Never before had a teacher inspired me to examine my experiences, knowledge and understanding so intensely in advance of a workshop. This allowed Julia Anna to relate very specifically to each individual at the workshop.

My summary of the workshop: the money could not have been better spent. Julia Anna is a great photographer and artist, but also a great teacher who was very open at this workshop about showing her entire workflow from taking the shot through to processing the image using Photography Drawing™. On the second day, we were shown the individual steps of editing images in Adobe Photoshop down to the last detail. First-hand tips and tricks, and best of all, with the notes I took, I had no problem creating my own versions of images back at home. Of course, I was also inspired by Athens with its magnificent buildings and especially the magical colonnade of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

I can highly recommend the e-book "From Basics to Fine Art" to anyone interested in this kind of photography and processing methods, and especially recommend a workshop with Julia Anna. It is money well invested in new knowledge. Thank you Julia Anna. It was really great and I would welcome the opportunity to meet up with you and my other photography colleagues from the workshop again. Happily the internet allows us to stay in touch. This means I can follow the progress of each individual very closely and am always fascinated by what the workshop has inspired all the participants to create."

- Werner Elmer - Tirol, Austria - Fine Art Photographer    http://www.wernerelmer.com/

"For the past year  my passion for B&W photography  has become more intense and I was searching for challenges: to develop a style and vision. It is not surprising that I love Julia Anna’s excellent and beautiful fine art masterpieces. She has a very personal and unique style of photography. These fine art images were the triggers to make B&W fine art images. Next to interesting theory from the fantastic and unique book "From Basics To Fine Art – B&W Photography – Architecture & Beyond" (written by Julia Anna and Joel Tjintjelaar) I wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with the artist. So I signed up for the Athens Workshop in November 2014. It was a fantastic experience to meet and work with Julia Anna. She is a very open person and is not just telling her story. Julia Anna is a superb listener and philosopher with outstanding, effective and efficient teaching qualities. I returned from Athens with a lot of precious knowledge and practical skills but what is more important I have come closer to my personal style and vision as well. So if you are a serious B&W photographer and want to extend your B&W photography to a fine art level you should attend the Athens Workshop and meet Julia Anna Gospodarou."

- Henk Bijl - Eelderwolde, The Netherlands - B&W Fine Art Photographer and Radiation-Oncology Specialist. See  Henk's work on this link and soon on his website too. 

"In 2012 I started to work as a professional photographer and I was immediately fascinated by shooting buildings and urban structures. It came naturally to me mostly because I'm a city-boy and I love the forms and shapes around me. A year later, someone suggested me to check out an artist that does the same but in very artistic way and then...  it hit me!! I saw Julia`s photos and immediately fell in love with Fine Art Architecture. I found Julia on Google+ and Facebook and I learned about her Workshops.

The next year the dream came true, I finally managed to attend the 2014 Athens Workshop.  I was very luck to be part of that team, I learn a lot from Julia who teaches the essence of Black & White Fine Art Architecture Photography. What impressed me the most was that she is an architect and so she doesn`t “just” teach the way to process the image, she teaches the right way to “see” the soul of a building, to understand the shapes and forms and how the light and shadows interact with each other. I read that in her book written with Joel Tjintjelaar, “From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography - Architecture and Beyond” Last year I had quite a few achievements in fine art architecture, I won an Honorable Mention at Stark Awards 2014, my images were published on “Fotografos”[Gr] magazine and one of them in a special (en)Visionography issue issue at Camerapixo magazine. Also one of my images made the cover of Stark Magazine [issue. 32]

During all this time I considered Julia my unofficial mentor. After Athens Workshop she became officially too my Teacher and I am very happy about that. After all, she is the person who inspired me the most. The phrase “Highly Recommended” is just an understatement to describe the usefulness of Julia's workshop to anyone wanting to learn about Fine Art Architecture. I also feel very exited about the term “ (en)Visionography “. Finally it`s as if we are gaining an identity, this term that describes exactly  what we are doing, which is creating photography according to our vision."

- Solonas Malkas - Athens, Greece - Professional Photographer - Fine Art & Street Photography  http://solonmalkas.com/

"I found Julia Anna’s references and her photos through the Formatt-Hitech Featured Artists while searching about LE equipment.  By consulting her website, I discovered stunning pictures and a world that was matching very well with my research of photographic development.  So, it didn’t take long for me to enroll in the workshop she was organizing one month later in Athens. Until then, I was working my pictures in BW but I barely knew the Topaz and Photoshop software.  I was mainly enjoying photographing architecture, but without asking myself questions of vision. I was not taking enough time, before sharing, to understand what message I wanted to convey. I was mostly researching the aesthetics.

The workshop changed my way of photographing.  I found a very sensitive woman, listening to everyone and an excellent teacher, who, during the two intense days we spent, gave us an awareness of the vision to get through our pictures. What touched me is the ease of Julia Anna to get the best out of her students. Her advices goes straight to the point. And you realize how highly qualified she is to guide photographer in their quest. I came back from Athens with what I was searching for and much more: a new way to see my work (my vision), a desire to share it more professionally, new tools for helping me to edit my pictures and the chance to discover a wonderful person. Julia Anna clearly gave a new direction in my artist’s life, and I can only encourage you to attend her next workshop !"

- Sophie Voituron - Brussels, Belgium - Fine Art Photographer  http://www.sophie-voituron.com/

"In a pre-workshop questionnaire, Julia Anna asked which photographer inspires me. My response was that she and Joel Tjintjelaar had done so with their excellent book, "From Basics To Fine Art – Black and White Photography”.

The same still holds true after having attended her workshop and I  speak as a teacher and therapist of 30 plus years when I say that I found  Julia Anna  warm, professional, generous, inspiring and wise beyond her years. Artistically I found the workshop and her encouragement liberating.

I highly recommend her courses and they are also exceptional value.

Again thanks for everything Julia Anna,

Kind regards, John."

- John Glavey - Ireland  

"Photography is my hobby since several years. For a while I was looking for new inspiration because I had the feeling that there was no progress and development in my work. In the internet I stopped on Julia`s website and was immediately fascinated from her work and interpretation of light and shadow. Around Christmas I purchased her and Joel´s ebook "From Basics to Fine Art" which gave me a real inspiration to go forward with my work. Especially the chapters about creating your own vision and Photography Drawing gives me motivation to create something beyond documentation in my photos.  When the workshop was announced I registered immediately even I thought it was a bit strange to fly only for two days to Athens. But I regret nothing, it was a very inspiring weekend, rather it was the starting point for me to go a step further with my work. It was a good balance between theory and practical work.

Julia is a great photographer, artist and teacher. I learned a lot about post processing which wasn't so far the focus of my work, but I learned that it is essential for creating ones personal style. Also the post-workshop assistance was very helpful for me, a great tool to go more precisely to the needs of very student. It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed to work with other photographer from all over the world. I can highly recommend this workshop for everyone who wants to learn more about Fine Art Architecture."

- Stefan Höltge -  Germany -  Fine Art Photographer  http://zoomyou.de/

"I'm a photographer for the last 3 years. My level of photography is Enthusiast but with a view of being a professional fine art photographer. I  took Julia's workshop because I admire her work and because she is one of the people that make me believe in my work and vision with passion. From the beginning I always wanted to shoot the architectural and landscape of the city I live in black and white. I met Julia and her amazing work through the social networks. In addition of the very important things that I learned at the seminar, I have to say that Julia inspires you to do your own original work and find your identity as a photographer and artist. I'm sending her a a big "thank you" for believing in me, which made me decide to join the (en)Visionography Contest where I won the publication of one of my photos in a special issue of "Camerapixo”, a great photography magazine. Julia, thank you for everything and keep up your great job as an educator and artist."

- Angelos Konstantinidis - Fine Art Photographer  Greece https://500px.com/angeloskonstantinidis

"I first came into contact with Julia Anna less than a year ago through social media after the level of her black & white art resonated with me, seeing I already had an affinity and passion for monochrome images at that point. Since then, her help has proven invaluable in prodding me to improve my vision, which she persisted and insisted on, even when I myself was on the verge of giving up on it (must be those 100% accurate selections really…). She pushed me past the faults in my post-processing, in the thought process behind an image and in the very essence of what it means to create an image and communicate through art. She is selfless and infinitely helpful, which is in stark contrast to other artists who are unwilling to divulge the secrets of their thought process or technical know-how, even not having met me in person by that point, as if threatened by upcoming artists or unwilling to share hard-earned knowledge. And all this coming from a pluri-awarded internationally renowned black & white artist, an envisionographer no less.

Her teaching style is holistic and she draws from and amalgamates her knowledge of architecture, classical art, photography and philosophy to see in a unique way and teach heartily expecting her students to excel themselves. I have had the opportunity to learn from Julia Anna and to shoot with her in person; she is (stubbornly and indefatigably!) passionate about her work, and took a keen and sincere interest in my work, driving me and pushing me respectfully but insistently to improve and aim higher. Through her mentoring, Julia Anna has been an integral part of my growth as a fine art visionary in less than a year and helped in giving me the skills to grow as a fine art artist. I am proud to say I gained much more than a mentor, but a true friend and collaborator.

I consider meeting and learning from Julia Anna as one of the lucky breaks in my career as a fine art visual artist up till now. I could never have learned so much in such a short space of time from anyone else, except from someone so intense, committed and passionate about art. Her mentoring and workshops come highly recommended and are not to be missed."

- Charles Paul Azzopardi - Malta - Fine Art B&W Architectural & Stage Performance - (en)Visionographer  http://www.charlespaulazzopardi.com/

"For more then a year I was looking around to find a new style for my Photography. After finding Julia's website and seeing her fantastic B&W fine art portfolio I was convinced that this is the way I should go. After exchanging a few emails I received extended study material which I continue studying. Eventually I went to Athens to spend some time with her and follow a private workshop. Julia keeps the theoretical part, 2 hours every day, very structured with very nice presentations, encouraging you continuously and answering any question you may have. Julia brings you back to the basic of architectural photography and goes all the way with you to the fine art B&W architectural photography. From basic composition, developing your own vision, Photography Drawing are just a few of the so many things we reviewed together with Julia. She also goes trough her full post processing workflow in one of her own awarded photos. In the field Julia brings you to the nicest spots in Athens - in my case it was also an extended Calatrava tour! Julia continuously focuses on you, making sure you will make progress. After 3 days I went home and was very happy with a portfolio of 12 long exposure photos and about 15 other architectural photos.

Julia, besides a well-accomplished architect who collaborated with famous names in the International architecture, is a top B&W fine art photographer. She helps you understanding architects and their work. She has great pedagogic skills, is calm and always there to help you. Following this workshop, which I highly recommend, was one of the best decisions I took for the ongoing development of my photography. I wanted to stretch myself and get past my own limits, which I did, thanks to Julia!"

- Noel Baldewijns - Belgium - Fine Art B&W Photographer http://www.noel-baldewijns.com/

"Julia is a true professional in her approach to photography. Julia's in-depth expertise and energetic dedication are especially evident in her B&W Fine Art Photography courses. Her Workshop includes comprehensive in-class presentations and discussions as well as exciting internships.

Julia's goal is to see every one of her students excel in both technical and creative aspects of photography and to be proud of their accomplishments, while always striving to continue learning and getting better. Without question she is at the top of the list of the best. Being a beginner to the world of Architecture B&W Fine Art and long exposure Photography, I attempted to “teach myself” with manuals and self-help guides but it was just a lesson in frustration.

Taking Julia's workshop was the best thing I ever did: her natural teaching style gave me the confidence I needed to take the kind of photos I always dreamed about. I highly recommend Julia Anna Gospodarou for your next photography course, workshop or any tutorial. Julia has a real gift for “keeping it simple”, cutting through the technical jargon and leaving her students with an understanding of what it takes to get those great shots. Thanks to Julia, I now look at photography as an absolutely joyous passion, and I love the results! Thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop! Julia is relaxed and sets comfortable, cheerful tone. She helps you learn from whatever level you are at. Her pedagogy considers adult learning needs, making everyone feel good about what they have accomplished while pointing out what needs to be corrected. Also appreciated having the opportunity to have my shots critiqued and better understand how computer software can enhance one's photos. 

Julia is a dynamic and knowledgeable instructor. She incorporates theory as well as enough hands on practice so you can immediately apply the theory. You learn about how to compose photos, and then how to crop and adjust them so that you end up with the best photo.

She also keeps the classes small so that you have lots of individual teaching. In addition, it was a fun workshop too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop I attended in November in Athens. You created an exciting learning experience and educated my "eye". I'm shooting every day from then. Your passion and critical vision have energized me. Thank you!"

- Panagiotis Chatzistefanou - Athens, Greece - Fine Art Photographer https://www.flickr.com/photos/pchatzi/

"Julia Anna Gospodarou is simply one of the best black and white fine artists of our time. When I first discovered her work, it took my breath away.

Her use of light perfectly cascades over beautiful, simple curves throughout her architectural photography. As an architect herself, she has a unique vision and ability to capture what must be the pinnacle of each architect’s design, ultimately memorializing it in photographic history. But Julia’s work is only surpassed by her gentle spirit and kindness as an instructor.

She willingly and patiently imparts her gifts to other photographers, sharing how to see and then execute a vision. If you are considering attending one of her workshops, I highly recommend you take advantage of what will likely be for you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot architecture with and learn from one of the world’s best photographers."

- Janice Nelson, Chicago, Illinois, USA - Portrait, Product & Architectural Photographer http://janicednelson.com/  & http://www.jdnphotos.com/

"Julia came to my attention when I saw her ‘Waves in the sky’ image.

I tried to figure out how she did this, this was so beautiful… Then came her version of the Calatrava bridge in Athens… again a masterpiece… I was sold, I fell in love… Julia has an unique way of looking… Since those masterpieces I started to look up, tried to see her way… no luck, big frustrations… Our holidays were planned in Greece so I contacted her and ask for a workshop… I wanted to learn from a ‘master’. Luckily, she could fit me in after her Chicago-workshop… I was over the moon, so excited, scared… could I really learn this? Our contacts (mail) were very easygoing, It felt like I knew her for a while, Julia is very accessible. She had a bunch of questions so she could really personalize the workshop. The 2 days in Athens were intense, got a lot of information, learned to see ‘the negative space’, saw beautiful architecture… The workshop fitted like a glove… Julia is an ideal guide, a great teacher, has a special vision… I found it a privilege to be in her companion. Efcharisto poly, miss JAG!"

Dina Van Damme, Belgium - Fine Art Photographer 

"Julia is the kind of person that is in love with her work. She is organized and passioned. Noone from the students left with questions, but she taught us how to question ourselves and search inside us in our artistic quests.

She allowed and guided us on how to acquire a personal inner will for learning, how to be creative and have an alternative mindset. This is the way she did, does and will do with all her students in order to help them evolve. It's not at all difficult to write about the work Julia did with us.

She did her work with purpose and zest and the result was a beautiful experience that still continues and that was a big artistic satisfaction for me.

Thank you for the beautiful journey!."

- Theocharis Karamanis - Athens, Greece - Fine Art Photographer

"I attended the Athens fine art architectural photography workshop in November. The workshop gave me valuable insight into what goes into producing some of the award-winning photographs I admire. It left me with an expanded range of artistic tools to use in my own photography, and with new ways to think about my subjects and turn them from simple captured images into expressions of an artistic idea.

If you wish you could produce some of the beautiful long-exposure images you see in galleries and on the web, one of Julia's workshops will give you a solid start down that road, and you'll have fun along the way!"

- Steven Grimm - Sunnyvale, CA, USA - Fine Art & Travel Photographer

"It was a pleasure meeting you at the Chicago 2013 architecture workshop. I found your presentations to be quite thought-provoking. You raised two important questions about vision that really struck me: · How do I feel about what I see? · How do I communicate that feeling? You not only helped me answer these questions, you encouraged me to create the world I want to see.

I find that to be a freeing idea and I’m going to explore what this means for me personally as I photograph my own city.

Thank you for sharing your personal vision and experience with me. I look forward to seeing you again in a future workshop.”

– Bob Beaverson – Madison, WI – USA - Portrait & Commercial http://www.robertbeaverson.com

"I recently attended the Vision Explorers' Chicago Long Exposure Architectural workshop and Julia was one of the instructors.

I was well aware of her work and it was great to meet the person behind some absolutely stunning imagery. Although I have dabbled in some architectural long exposure work previously, I felt I was still a bit weak in my approach toward it and Julia was always at hand to help, be it compositional or theoretical.

She has a great eye to identify what would work in a photograph and is not afraid to abstract if necessary. Julia definitely seems to be someone with both the passion to create as well as to teach and I highly recommend her architectural photography workshops."

- Ajit Menon, New York City - USA - Artist Photographer - Landscape & Architecture http://www.flickr.com/photos/inagitation

"I recently attended the Chicago Fine art Architectural workshop and it was a great learning experience. I’ve never attempted long exposure photography, other than night shots, which is entirely different.

Julia was very patient with me, helping me to understand how to set up a shot and walking me through the process. She was also very helpful on the post processing suggestions and critiques, giving me suggestions I fully intend to incorporate within my workflow.

Not only is her work a testimony to her artistic brilliance she is a very kind and thoughtful person willing to share her expertise and help you grow within your own personal vision."

- Angie McMonigal - Chicago, Illinois - USA - Fine Art & Commissioned Photographer  http://www.angiemcmonigal.com/

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