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"I had the pleasure of taking a long exposure architecture photography class in Chicago, taught by world renowned experts, including Julia. I came away with a new appreciation for this art, a deeper understanding of the craft, and a new found enthusiasm. Julia was patient, talented, and a great communicator. Without being the least bit condescending, she was able to help turn my camera a few degrees to the left, and help me frame a better composition. She has a deep understanding of what makes a good image, and is able to impart this effectively to her student. And she does this with a smile! Her talk on composition was comprehensive and insightful, drawing from her deep understanding of architecture and art. It was a pleasure and honor to get to know her. I wish her continued success in her brilliant career."

- Arun Patel - Sacramento, California - USA - Fine Art Photographer, Ophthalmologist 

“My architecture photography workshop in Athens with Julia Anna Gospodarou was a wonderful experience for me. I subscribed to this workshop willing to learn more about this type of photography, keen to enrich my post-processing skills with new techniques and to have fun shooting Athens modern architecture. All of this have been achieved: Julia prepared a large material, covering all that can be talked about architecture photography from regular images to fine art, presented us her complete post-processing workflow and chose some really beautiful architectural sighseeings of Athens. I spent excellent time doing both long-exposure and normal photography, having various one-to-one discussions with Julia and understanding her passion and vision. I definitely recommend this workshop for both people willing to dive into architecture photography but also for more advanced photographers interested to advance to a new level and experience new techniques.”

- Dragos Ioneanu - Copenhagen, Denmark - Fine Art Architectural Photographer http://www.ioneanu.com/

"The workshop was very well organized and the locations carefully selected. Julia Anna was very friendly and always open to discuss any subject.

From deciding what to shoot to processing the final image she was very generous in sharing her vision and her way of doing things. After the workshop her feedback and suggestions helped me to improve my images and take them to the next level.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in architecture and photography. It is an opportunity to see some of the best modern architecture of Athens and broaden your approach to photography."

- Petros Christidis – Athens, Greece - Fine Art Architectural Photographer

"The two-day workshop in Athens led by Julia Anna Gospodarou was a busy and inspiring experience. First thing in the morning was a theoretical presentation. On day one we were welcomed in a nice location where we got an impressive presentation on architectural photography and in particular long-time exposure (LE) applied especially architecture, how to look at it and how to experience it and of course about the technical equipment and technical side of the architecture / LE photography. After all these we shoot at nice and impressive locations in and around Athens. On day two we were introduced to the expertise of a great artist and became a glimpse of her secrets revealed as for the creation of a work of art, after which we went shooting around the Olympic Complex. This workshop was certainly a wonderful experience and I found a lot of inspiration acquired to handle in my style of photography.”

- Patrick Van Puymbroeck - Belgium - Architecture & Travel Photographer

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