To find out how I create my award-winning photography read my best selling book From Basics to Fine Art - Black and White Photography.

Interview for WPO - World Photography Organization

Black and White Photography at its finest

Interview by Matthew Oxley

Untitled photo

Interview for LEMAG Magazine

Interview by Derek Michalski

Interview for Skylum/Macphun

Architecture Meets Photography - Interview with Julia Anna Gospodarou

Interview by Juliana Chyzhova

Interview for George Digalakis

Interview by George Digalakis

Interview for Leanne Cole

Artists that I admire - Julia Anna Gospodarou

Interview by Leanne Cole

Interview for BWVision and Joel Tjintjelaar

Interview by Joel Tjintjelaar

Interview for B&W Minimalism Magazine

Interview by Milad Safabakhsh

Interview for Progresso Fotografico Magazine  - Italy

Interview in the oldest and most well-known printed photography magazine in Italy - December 2016

Interview by Eugenio G. Tursi

Interview for Greek National Newspaper Protothema

"Μια χρυσή Ελληνίδα φωτογράφος"

Article about my work and awards

Interview by Stefanos Kastrinakis

Live Photography Interview on SKAI TV - Greek National TV

Interview for Creative Live - Art  Magazine - Czechia

Portfolio Feature and interview

by Martin Gallie

Untitled photo

Interview for Shades of Grey Magazine

Portfolio Feature and 12-page spread interview

by Jean Michel Missri

Live interview for Paul Griffiths' show "Photography Live and Uncut"

1 hour long interview covering different photography related subjects

Untitled photo

Interview for CAMERAPIXO Magazine

Extensive interview  - featured as PRO Team Camerapixo member

By Anetta G. Heller and Artur J. Heller

Untitled photo

Interview for F11 Magazine - New Zealand

- Cover photo and 20-page spread interview and portfolio presentation - "Julia Anna Gospodarou - Creating Beauty"

by Tim Steele

Untitled photo

Recorded Interview for Out of Chicago

40-minute recorded interview with me for Out of Chicago Photography show in view of my Chicago conference and workshop on October 16, 17, 18, 2015.

by Chris Smith

Untitled photo

Interview for  PROTO THEMA - Leading National Greek Newspaper

by Stefanos Kastrinakis

Interview for CRAFT & VISION Magazine - The Photograph No.9 

Featured Portfolio & Extensive Interview by 

by Cynthia Haynes

Extensive Interview & Portfolio feature for Topaz Labs

by Darcy Wheeler

Interview and Portfolio Presentation for KWERFELDEIN

"Im Gespräch mit Julia Anna Gospodarou"

KWERFELDEIN Photography Magazine, Germany - by Robert Herrmann

Read more here:

English Translation:

Interview and Portfolio presentation for LIFO Magazine (Greece)

by Thanasis Haramis

Interview for Metropolis Magazine  (Greece)

by Stefanos Kastrinakis


Somerset House, London, UK

April 26 to May 12, 2013

Read more here about the exhibition on WPO site:

Interview and Portfolio Presentation for Dodho

Architectural Photography of Julia Anna Gospodarou"

- in Dodho Magazine, May 2013. by Máximo Pranes

Read more here:

Interview for Greek News Channel - Proust Questionaire

"Architect and International Award Winning Photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou, honors Press-Gr and answers to Proust Questionnaire"

-, by Antonis-Marios Papagiotis. 

Interview for Dezineer

"Julia Anna Gospodarou - Accessing The Essence Of Things"

- – Art, Architecture & Photography Site, by Lefteris Sergios.

Read more here

Interview for Interesting Photographers - Tess Masero Brioso

Julia Anna Gospodarou - Interview

"Interesting Photographers" Site, by Tess Masero Brioso

Interview for Andrew S. Gibson

"Long Exposure Photography Interview - Julia Anna Gospodarou"

- Andrew S. Gibson Photography Site, by Andrew S. Gibson.

Feature as First Artist and  Processing Techniques Insight in LENSA Magazine - Fine Art Magazine

- in LENSA Magazine - Fine Art Magazine.

Interview and Portfolio Presentation for Photography Blogger - Christopher O'Donnell

"The Greek Cityscape - Architectural Photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou"

- Photography Blogger, by Christopher O'Donnell

Read more here:

Interview and Portfolio Presentation for Matthias Haltenhof

"Interview - Julia Anna Gospodarou" by Matthias Haltenhof

Read more here:

Portfolio Feature in APF Art Photo Feature Fine Art Magazine

- APF Art Photo Feature Fine Art Magazine

Artist Presentation in APF Art Photo Feature Fine Art Magazine

- in APF Art Photo Feature Fine Art Magazine, Online & Printed Version.

Read more here:

Interview for Slices of Silence - Nathan Wirth

"Artist Spotlight - Julia Anna Gospodarou"

- Slices of Silence - A Photography eZine, by Nathan Wirth.

Interview for Daniel Treadwell

- Fotoflows Photography Site, by Daniel Treadwell.

Portfolio Feature & Artist Presentation for  Foturion - Best in Greek Photography

Read more here:

To find out how I create my award-winning photography read my best selling book From Basics to Fine Art - Black and White Photography.

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