Best Quotes on photography and art

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  1. Thanks for sharing these quotes, Julia. Many of the photography related ones I had seen, but I really loved the ones on ART in-general. Many of those I had not seen before. I especially LOVE the one by Oscar Wilde…

    “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”
    – Oscar Wilde

    This, to me, is simply a superb answer to pull out when all the SOOC believers feel like starting an argument. There are several others listed as well, but this one really rings so true to my heart.

    Thanks again, for sharing. Cheers!

    1. Glad to hear you like the quotes, Kevin. I love Oscar Wilde’s quote too and it’s so true. I’ll be adding more quotes as I discover more or remember others that didn’t come to mind now. Thanks!

  2. Julia,

    Great concept of having these small classic quotes summarize such large concepts. Thanks for taking the time to assemble and share them. I was struck by how many references there are to one’s “feelings”, “emotions”, and “soul” (yours) as the embryo from which art evolves. It seems clear that true art begins from an inner feeling or emotion, and is then exported or communicated to the world via a material thing, such as a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, or even a poem. The viewer then responds to the material thing with emotion, and the yin yang of a connection between the artist and viewer is complete.

    1. Thanks Sam for sharing your thoughts! I think having these quotes together can really give a sense of how photography can be used as an instrument to express oneself and to create art. I think it doesn’t even matter if everyone considers the expression through photography to be art but as long as it shows the feelings and emotion of the artist, as long as it shows his “soul” it can be considered art and it has the same effect on the artist, to liberate him and help him understand the world. And when that yin and yang of the viewer and the artist communicating through and image happens then everything make sense.

  3. Julia

    A quote author unknown
    ” Black and White is not the absence of colour, but colour is a hindrance to Black and White”

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