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  1. Thank you Julia, your words & vision continues to inspire me & is helping me stand firm in my vision. Its so easy to stray & feel like I need to fall in with the masses & teach myself everything about every software or be left behind. Your words have again put me back on my personal railway track & I will move forward with my own vision & not be distracted. Thank for the Topaz Collection black friday code, I’ve just purchased it after long last & look forward to exploring its possibilities for my vision. You’re the best!

    1. Thanks to you Marina and you’re so right. We are almost obliged by the trends to keep up with all the software existing, all the new gear and every new piece of technology, or else we feel we miss something and are left behind, but in my opinion this is a false need and just takes up time that we could invest in really expressing ourselves through photography. I think we need to stay informed and pick what’s best and fits our style from everything new we are offered, but we have to relax and go more deeply in our quest for vision and for creating meaningful work, not only more images. It’s not easy because the pressure of these trends is strong, but it is much more rewarding in the end, so it’s worth the effort. I’m glad you think like this. Good luck with the Topaz Collection. It’s my favorite out there.

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