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  1. Good interview with a good friend and current Mentor. George really teaches an approach to photography not just f-stops and aperture settings.

  2. Hi Julia, great interview with George. I really like the way he thinks and his ability to put concepts and such into words … a process I am still working on myself. I do have two of his books; Digital Masters:B&W Printing and Digital Photography Fine Print Workshop – I bought them to use a reference for a course I was asked to teach at Humber College here in Toronto years ago but there wasn’t enough interest at the time. I was also in contact a few times with George back then … when he was working with Reindeer Graphics on his PercepTool and possibly other things as well. This actually how I found out about you and your workflow … anyways, I could go on and on but won’t. One day I will make it to one of your workshops …

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