Main principles of fine art photography

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  1. Thank you kindly for the article, I enjoyed it very well. I have followed your work and read your article in the past too.
    Some inspired or just a confidence boost is require from time to time, your articles provide this.
    I do my little bit of fine photography at home, mainly in isolation, as I don’t have much support, probably the opposite. But I do have time, as I finished full time employment early through long term depression. Most importantly, the last twelve months have been tough due to two family bereavements. Photography with its mult multi faceted disciplines, the technical side and its artistic side has given me some peace.
    Anyway, keep up the great work, i look forward to more articles from you. And thank you once again for the article.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Dalvinder, for your good words. I’m happy to hear my articles provided some inspiration. I think photography is a wonderful tool to help us face the difficult moments in life. Channeling our creativity to making art that expresses ourselves brings the best in us and helps us get stronger. I’m glad that fine art photography is giving you peace and wishing you to have much success with it.

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