The Substance of Memories I - Manhattan New York - © Julia Anna Gospodarou 2016

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  1. Thank for writing this article Julia Anna Gospodarou and explaining your thoughts and philosophy about art and photography. It certainly resonated with me, and put into words thinking I hadn’t yet fully articulated to myself about my own creative journey with photography. I am aspiring to develop my own personal style and vision and continue to find your book and tutorials very insightful and practical.

    1. Hi Malcolm. Happy to hear the article resonated with you. I think this kind of self-analysis is very useful from an artistic point of view because it helps us understand how we find inspiration and what matters to us so we can use it in our work. Maybe each of us has a different background and resonates with different things, but finding what those things are can give us artistic clarity and show us where to go with our work. Thanks for your comment and glad you find the book and tutorials useful..

  2. Wonderful article as it really got me thinking about my photography and why I want to do it. I would love to see a follow-up article on the ICM that gets into a little more practical guidance on how to do it.

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