Urban Saga VI - Shadows of a Soul - Tribute to Zaha Hadid - Flatiron Building New York - © Julia Anna Gospodarou

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  1. What a wonderful text Julia. You make me re-think so many things about the way I approach my work-life!

    1. Hi Diego! Happy to hear you enjoyed the article. Writing these articles makes me too re-think many things i thought were unquestionable. The truth is, nothing has to be one way or the other, but it has to be as we personally believe. That is something I think we need to regain, in this world of “belonging”- originality in thought and expression. Looking forward to working with you at our new project.

  2. Thank you Julia Anna. You have a uniquely insightful mind and clear eye, and speak simply about profound ideas. You nudge rather than push, and allow each individual to absorb your ideas in his or her own way and find a personal path. I admire and treasure your work.

    1. Hi Matt! I’m happy to hear you think so. I think we all have to have our personal ideas and they have to do with who we are and our life experiences. That’s why I’d rather present my ideas and if they can be helpful to others and inspire them, then I’m happy, but I wouldn’t impose my way of thinking to anyone, or consider it the only one possible. Thanks for your kind words and good to hear from you.

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