Chimera ΙV – Oakland Bay Bridge San Francisco


Chimera ΙV – Oakland Bay Bridge San Francisco

Limited edition print by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Limited edition series have a set number of 22 prints + 2 AP, covering all sizes and mediums.

You will be one of the only 22 people in the world who own a print in this limited edition series.

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Chimera ΙV – Oakland Bay Bridge San Francisco

Limited edition print by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Limited edition series have a set number of 22 prints + 2 AP, covering all sizes and mediums.

You will be one of the only 22 people in the world who own a print in this limited edition series.

About the photograph

The photograph in this print is depicting the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco as a background for the San Francisco Bay shore landscape. In the foreground, one can see the remains of an old pier, a characteristic trait of the area.

The photograph is part of the series Chimera, depicting outstanding landscape locations around the world, as part of a dream we see in our imagination.

Every location is an opportunity to imagine a different world, to expand the world we experience by projecting on our imagination the places we see in front of us, creating a story that lies between dream and reality.

The photograph was captured in San Francisco and was first published in May 2021.

The image was created in the personal style of the artist, called by the artist (en)Visionography™, and it was executed with her signature processing method, Photography Drawing™.

About the Artist

Award-winning photographer exhibited internationally, architect, author, and educator, winner of more than 80 prestigious international awards and distinctions, Julia Anna Gospodarou is the founder of (en)Visionography™. (en)Visionography is the artistic concept and the 21st Century fine art movement that aims to define a new way of creating fine art photography in the digital age, based on the vision of the artist and their own life experiences and emotion, rather than on depicting the actual subject or the conventions of traditional photography.

“I consider Julia’s (en)Visionography and Photography Drawing the most important innovation in black and white photography since the invention of Ansel Adam’s Zone System.” – George DeWolfe

Artist Statement

“I am 100% dedicated to creating the highest quality photographs possible, both in technical terms and in terms of investing my whole creativity, energy, belief, my entire life, and all my personal experiences into making an image that triggers to the viewer the same emotion I invest into creating it.

When you acquire one of my photographs, you acquire a part of my own self, a piece of my soul.

Every photograph I create is highly personal and is related to a special moment or experience in my life, that gave birth to a strong emotion of which the photograph is the translation into the language of image. I express myself through photographs. I articulate my feelings, my happiness, or sadness through the images I create. I transform every image I capture into the finished work starting from the emotion that created it and every photograph is my message about life to the world.

I believe making art as an artist, as well as collecting and experiencing art as a collector is the highest form of artistic happiness, it is what brings mindfulness into our lives and helps us experience every moment we live at its highest intensity. In other words, it makes us live longer.”

 About the Print Quality and Process

Julia Anna Gospodarou’s prints provide a state-of-the-art museum print quality and can be found in some of the most prestigious private collections and public spaces worldwide.

The photograph is printed on the highest quality fine art paper, the only medium considered suitable for genuine fine photography by critics, i.e. Hannemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper or similar, either with the method of Piezography or on high-end Epson printers. This process ensures the smoothest tonal range, greatest detail and sharpness, and the highest print longevity possible today. The prints are created by some of the very few high-end award-winning monochrome printers in the world of fine art photography.

The finished prints have a longevity of more than 120 years when exhibited in proper conditions, being an excellent investment for many years to come.

After a certain limited edition is sold out, the image will not be printed anymore, so you will be owning one of the few high-end prints of this image existing in the world, together with other high-regarded collectors.

All limited edition prints are numbered, titled, dated, stamped with a unique handmade stamp, and hand signed by the artist. The prints come with a unique officially registered certificate of authenticity and are secured with a Hologram Security System applied on both the print and the certificate, to certify and preserve their authenticity.

The prints are available in several sizes, covering all space requirements, from home spaces to public spaces, including the largest size possible today for a fine art print, suitable for large spaces, high-end offices, hotels, galleries etc.

In case you need custom sizes please inquire.

The larger sizes are best for revealing the high amount of detail in the photographs. Flawless, abundant detail is one of the characteristics of Julia Ana Gospodarou’s signature style recognized internationally by collectors and critics.

About the Artist’s Creative Process

Every finished photograph is the outcome of tens or even hundreds of hours of work, of days and sometimes weeks of careful craftsmanship, of polishing every single detail and every trace of light, from capturing the image in the camera to advanced creative editing and high-quality printing.

The photographs are created by the artist entirely manually, without any automation or outside intervention, either in the process of capturing or during editing and printing. The artist makes a point of doing 100% of the work in creating the image herself. The result is that you will hold in your hands a unique piece of art that is nonreproducible, being 100% handmade, personal, and authentic.

Payment & Delivery

Payment is done through PayPal or by debit/credit card. If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact us for details.

After ordering you will receive an email with more details from us during the following 24 hours. The printing process starts immediately after ordering.

Printing can take a few days to a week for small orders (1-2 prints), a little longer for a larger number of prints, or during heavy load/low activity periods. Please place your orders timely.

In case urgent printing is needed, please contact us. We can provide it for an urgency fee.

The prints are shipped protected to your address of choice, unmatted and unframed, so you have the freedom to adapt the frame style to your space, and we can help you with that if you need any advice.

In case you are interested in framed prints, this option is available for some prints depending on the size. Extra framing and shipping costs apply. When shipped internationally we recommend framing locally which is much less expensive and easier logistically so you will have your print on your wall faster while spending less. We can advise without additional costs regarding framing.

Simple standard/registered shipping for unframed prints is included in the price. For fast shipping or other options please inquire.

Customs or other country-specific additional costs that we do not have access to have to be handled on the client’s side.

The shipping time depends on the shipping location and the number of prints.

Shipping to Europe is the fastest, while shipping to other continents can take some extra time, however, shipping times are in line with the regular shipping times you are used to. We always try to be faster, so most of the time you will have a nice surprise.


For larger orders (2+ prints), we offer incremental discounts depending on the quantity, which can be very attractive especially for larger quantities (see orders for office spaces, hotels, exhibitions, museums etc.). You can find Julia Anna Gospodarou’s prints in numerous high-end offices, hotel spaces, and exhibitions around the world.

Please contact for details.

Additional information


Small 15"x15" (38×38 cm), Medium 25"x25" (63×63 cm), Medium Plus 30"x30" (76×76 cm), Large 40"x40" (102×102 cm), Extra Large 60"x60" (152×152 cm)

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